GM MIDI Player (super universal update 2.0)

GM MIDI Player was our very first iOS release. After 5 years, we updated this ancient but still excellently working piece of software for support of latest technologies and the latest Swift language. It now should perform on macOS (Apple Silicon) and Apple’s Vision Pro without any issues.

GM MIDI Player was and is completely written in Apples Swift programming language and comes with some nice features, like downloading MIDI files from zip packages. It initially was thought as an essential tool for playing MIDI files on iOS, especially iPhones, as Apple did not provide a default system player for this kind of popular audio files at all.

The price was re-adjusted. GM MIDI Player was also prepared for future enhancements. Note: It is not available as AudioUnit, so for this purpose, please take a look at our latest JAX MIDI Module&Player, which is available as standalone and AudioUnit (AUv3) package.

JAX MIDI Control Pad (update 2.6)

We compiled a new update for JAX MIDI Control Pad (version 2.6).
On user request a new feature was implemented, which aims to emulate popular hardware behavior with snapping back to a definable position.

Update version 2.6:

  • implemented (optional) autosnap feature for emulating popular
    mechanical hardware behavior ( user request )
  • implemented animation and controller interpolation for autosnapp
  • connected the new buttons for selecting the snapping scheme to the autosnap function
  • implemented a speed parameter for auto snapping
  • corrected the factory presets for reflecting the new parameters
  • fixed an issue, where the channel select parameter was not correctly reflected on the user interface
  • new parameters are saved with a preset
  • updated the manual to reflect latest changes

This update will be uploaded to the Apple AppStore today and scheduled for auto release after review.

JAX MIDI : Control Pad (update 2.5)

We added new features with the latest update for our JAX MIDI Control Pad version 2.5 :

  • added a MIDI channel selector, no need for external extra routing
  • implemented (C)AT (channel aftertouch) as virtual CCO number 128
  • implement PB (pitch bend coarse) as virtual CCO number 129
  • added 9 buttons with useful reset positions
  • added user definable main color, which is saved as parameters with the preset
  • added new preset management dialog and JAX unified preset handling
  • minor UI cosmetics
  • added a common MIDI controller list to the embedded manual 
  • updated manual, reflecting the latest version
  • fixed a minor value mismatch
  • fixed the background contrast parameter

This update will be uploaded to the Apple AppStore today and autoreleased as soon it gets accepted. The price for the super universal audio unit, available on all major Apple Silicon platforms was re-adjusted to the final.

JAX Triple Series : 3Stereo (super universal release & update)

JAX 3Stereo (3.6) was released on the Apple appStore today. An update (version 3.7 was appended too). 3Stereo is the successor and (replacement?) of our popular JAX StereoTool and adds triple band processing.

JAX 3Stereo is the evolution of our legacy JAX StereoTool, one of the very first iOS releases we ever made. It extends the essential functions for stereo analysis and processing for usage on an analog style triple band-split. The old all-pass mode is still available and so it aims to replace this existing legacy release.

JAX 3Stereo is super universal, thus being available on iOS, iPadOS, visionOS and macOS now.

Existing customers of the purchased version of the JAX StereoTool 1/2 are entitled for a free upgrade via promotion code. Please contact us via email.

( JAX StereoTool was originally free, customers of the purchased versions can provide the AppStore receipt for getting a free promo code for JAX 3Stereo. )

JAX SUPERSONIC (super universal release) – public beta available!

The first item in our series of synthesizers is the 16 x multi-timbre polyphonic JAX SUPERSONIC, which is able of loading Standard MIDI files. But it is NOT a General MIDI player (rompler) based on samples, but …

it is a virtual analog monster with 15 sound channels and one sample based drum channel ( channel 0x09/ 10 ). The public beta for jamming tests is available.

We wanted to create a synthesizer, which can produce complete song arrangements out of the box, with just a MIDI sequencer connected. A rather minimalistic song creation setup, limiting to one tone generator device, although the sound of just a single voice from JAX SUPERSONIC is NOT minimalistic but optimized for modern sound. Tjis is the return of our memories, working with just one or two Access Viri (Virus b & c) and building complete arrangements with that…

JAX MIDI : Control Pad (super universal release)

Some of our discontinued items from the legacy MIDI SWEET Series will get an upgrade for supporting super universal releases in our JAX MIDI Series now. MIDI SWEET series is completely discontinued.

JAX MIDI Control Pad, a super universal release (iOS, iPadOS macOS, visionOS), is available as ‘aumu’ AudioUnit (AUv3) app extension and loadable by host apps, which support instrument audio units and routing MIDI events.

JAX MIDI Control Pad is a visual XY control pad, specifically designed for touch screens and allows to configure and generate up to 2 MIDI controller values (at ones) based on finger movement. It can be connected to all MIDI controller receiving mechanisms, that support it, including external MIDI devices.

This video demonstrates a more or less complex MIDI routing setup, where a MIDI Monitor and a synthesizer is connected for touch input of realtime MIDI controllers from JAX MIDI Control Pad. (The MIDI monitor is merely for demonstration purposes to visualize the stream.) The MIDI stream for controller movement is generated by JAX MIDI Control Pad and forwarded to the MIDI monitor. The monitor passes then thru everything, also note events from the keyboard and the generated MIDI controllers from the JAX to the synth. Controllers can be assigned and also particularly switched off. The setup and the values are saved with a preset, if the host supports saving user presets.

Reacting to Apple’s AppStore Review Terror !

Recently ALL of my releases and updates are REJECTED by the AppStore Review categorically and with questionable (copy&paste reasons). It is a total war and takes over 50 percent of our daily working time, time that is missing for new developments and updates and it is actually quite demotivating.

Here are published some of my responses to the review teams and appeals, as this must be published now because reaching an unacceptable extreme extent already :

( This isn’t just a rant, it’s a desperate attempt at remedial action. )

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I now finally want an answer to my questions.

All of my new apps in the AppStore (including updates), of whatever kind, are categorically rejected for fictitious and untrue reasons.

The requested information material was already attached to the initial transmission. I have been developing Apple software for over 6 years now…

How can that be?

I want an answer to my questions, that this is existential for me and my precious time. Do I pay around 100 euros a year to finance sadistic rejection orgies here?

I am now forced to submit complaints directly to Apple because my appeals are apparently not being heard here and the rejections of the apps are obviously for reasons other than those stated. 

To the concrete subject now. The material on the objectionable points is already in the original transmission:

  • A complete operation manual was attached.
  • A video was attached to demonstrate the software on a real device.
  • (The software does not create connections to any hardware but is an app extension (Apple AudiuoUnit AUv3) So there is nothing to demonstrate in this specific regard.)
  • The workflow has been demonstrated with the transmitted video and corresponds to the descriptions in the manual and the app descriptions.

The reviewer apparently didn’t even bother to review this material.

Since this has now happened several times repeatedly, I will file complaints and pass them on to the Developer Relations Center and possibly all other instances too.

Furthermore I will publish tall those informations now to my customers, as they want an answer why my releases are continuously delayed or rejected.

Jens Güll,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

One more question: Did you prefer to use anyhow mentally retarded people for the Review processing? ( Excuse me for phrasing it like that, but obviously that’s exactly how I’m being treated by you. ) It is inexplicable to me how such overly stupid questions like this can arise:

  • Who is the target audience? Please be specific
  • How is your app works ?
  • What is the purpose of the app?
  • Is the app for internal use?
  • If users create an account to use your app, are there fees involved?
  • Is this app meant for use in one company or for many client companies?

The material on the objectionable points is already in the original transmission to an excessive extent:

  • A complete operation manual was attached.
  • A video was attached to demonstrate the software on a real device.
  • The kind of app and usage  (app extension Apple AudioUnit AUv3) has been explained to excessive extent.
  • The workflow has been demonstrated with the transmitted video and corresponds to the descriptions in the manual and the product description
  • Our customers (we have over 50 apps of exactly this kind already in the AppStore) do actually KNOW, how to use these app extensions.

The reviewer apparently didn’t even bother to review all this material!

We are apparently being branded here with (hidden?) notices in our account because we always defend ourselves, as this kind of unspecific rejections is happening continuously in the AppStore Review. Otherwise we cannot explain to ourself, how such massive boycott is even possible. And we are obviously being actively prevented from doing our work and releasing new apps in the AppStore. To this to an extent, that can be seen as actively damaging our business and promoting demotivation.

Jens Güll,