JAX [ Berlin Series ] : TEMPELHOF (announcement)

The second item in our upcoming Berlin Series of synthesizers is JAX Tempelhof.

This is a Multi Channel Drum Computer with 16 freely assignable pads and a key triggered performance sequencer (polymetric/polyrhythmic) with swing parameter. There is an independent sequencer for each key/pad.

It comes with 78 (ROM) drum sets, each with 24++ sampled drum (and also melody) sounds. The drum sounds for each pad/key can be assigned individually from the available drum kits. each pad/key is plying on its own internal sound channel (16 sound channels in sum). But the drum computer responds to MIDI channel 10, which is mainly for traditional reasons.

JAX [ Berlin Series ] : MOABIT (announcement)

JAX MOABIT is the first synthesizer item in our BERLIN SERIES and it is a bass synthesizer with certain recognizable DNA. But rather than just cloning a 303 legend, we decided to extend the features significantly.

We will also transit our entire UI (user interface) frameworks to real 3D, meaning we will use Apples spatial environment views and programming APIs for the BERLIN SERIES releases. This ensures best performance and user interactivity, even prepared to be used in augmented spaces on the Apple Vision Pro natively later.

JAX SUPERSONIC (super universal release) – public beta available!

The first item in our series of synthesizers is the 16 x multi-timbre polyphonic JAX SUPERSONIC, which is able of loading Standard MIDI files. But it is NOT a General MIDI player (rompler) based on samples, but …

it is a virtual analog monster with 15 sound channels and one sample based drum channel ( channel 0x09/ 10 ). The public beta for jamming tests is available.

We wanted to create a synthesizer, which can produce complete song arrangements out of the box, with just a MIDI sequencer connected. A rather minimalistic song creation setup, limiting to one tone generator device, although the sound of just a single voice from JAX SUPERSONIC is NOT minimalistic but optimized for modern sound. Tjis is the return of our memories, working with just one or two Access Viri (Virus b & c) and building complete arrangements with that…