JAX Laboratory

NEWS: One item of our Laboratory apps was released on the Apple AppStore and also available as beta version, the JAX AudioVisualizer (AudioUnit &App) . Note: The beta version is outdated, there were updates for the release lately.

The JAX Laboratory

In the JAX Laboratory we publish items (mostly macOS apps), which are in (early) development or other experimental software, that will (most probably) not get officially released ever. It is our playground for discovering new and interesting things.

A pending secret release 2024.

These macOS apps must be installed on (moved to) the Mac’s hard disk as usually and NOT just started from the distribution disk image, otherwise the AudioUnit (AUv3) registration cannot work correctly.

Most apps are using app extensions (version 3 AudioUnits) for the audio core, written in C/C++.

All apps here are sandboxed and notarized by Apple.

  • JAX Environment – A super universal AudioUnit AUv3 hosting environment.

    But. Unfortunately Apples audio frameworks used and implemented in Swift is currently so unstable and full of inconsistencies, that we could not manage to get this host running solid across all devices.

100 percent of all crashes we get, are caused by internal Apple framework quirks that are all so cryptic, that we will see merely assembler instruction debugging screens without any hint to the real reasons of those crashes deeply inside the core kernels on the Apple operating systems.

This host builds entirely on Apple’s AVAudio framework and is consequently written in their latest Swift programming language and it seems, that this merely conducts crash concerts, even with using most primitive AU components, like their AVAudioPlayer component just playing one or more simple files in a loop together.

We probably have to write everything from scratch, to get that even released as serious application. So there is the question: Why would we even furthermore rely on this entire crap of a framework, as it bounces back then badly to the users experiences !?

We think, that the audio frameworks from Apple are currently the mostweakparts of Apples entire operating system, especially on the Mac and requires urgently a major overhaul in the depths of its kernel.

  • JAX Algorithmic Composer – A complex MIDI pattern generator based on different popular generative algorithms, like polyrhythmic and polymetric pattern generators – (internal prototype)

This video just demonstrates the user interface while autogenerating multi-channel MIDI patterns, which are saved to disk. Some of the core algorithms are implemented in our JAX MIDI Jinny PRO release for iOS/iPadOS.

NEWS: The SPECTRO Series audio units ‘Isolate’ and ‘Transcend’ are now scheduled for an official release on the Apple AppStore.

Note: If you downloaded our free JAX Laboratory items for macOS and you purchase the latest releases, we strongly recommend to completely remove all older copies from the Mac, otherwise the Mac may not able to select the correct version.

  • JAX SPECTRO : Isolate – Advanced Visual Chromatic Spectral Filter – universal binary Intel/Apple Silicon (scheduled for official release)

Isolate is an advanced visual spectral audio processor based on the phase vocoder (FFT). It is able to analyze and filter the audio stream with 128 chromatically tuned frequency bands in realtime. It acts like a 128 band filter, which is tuned chromatically, regarding the MIDI note frequencies.

  • JAX SPECTRO : Transcend – Advanced Visual Chromatic Spectral Pitch Shifter -universal binary Intel/Apple Silicon (scheduled for official release)

Isolate is an advanced visual spectral audio processor based on the phase vocoder (FFT). It is able to analyze and pitch-modify the audio stream with 128 chromatically tuned frequency bands in realtime. Each chromatically tuned frequency band, separated into MIDI frequencies, can be pitch-shifted independently.

  • JAX MASTERING : MBC PRO – Multi-Band Dynamics Processor – universal binary Intel/Apple Silicon (download)

  • JAX TRIPLE SERIES : 3Verb – 3-Band MULTI Algorithm Reverberator – universal binary Intel/Apple Silicon (scheduled for official release)

  • JAX TRIPLE SERIES : 3Stereo – 3-Band Stereo Image Processor – universal binary Intel/Apple Silicon (scheduled for official release)

JAX AudioCoder is a C/C++ alike realtime coding environment / compiler for midi and audio processors, hosted by an AudioUnit (AUv3). Note: This is nothing for a bloody beginner in audio coding. ^^ But if you are good with the industry standard coding language C/C++ for DSP, this may be a good solution for fast prototyping audio processors.

JAX Infinity looper was made for testing Apples AUFilePlayer component but quickly showed the limitations and quirks about that shit. However, the app is available for playing around with it. Especially the transitions often will produce audio interruptions, which are annoying.

  • JAX Stretch 8 – universal binary Intel/Apple Silicon (download)

JAX Stretch 8 uses Apples AUSampler for achieving a time stretch looper with 8 MIDI channels. Some issues with Apples really insufficient AudioUnit (AUv3) implementations stopped the project at certain stage from being continued. Nevertheless, the sound concept sometimes gives astonishing results.

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