JAX Spectro : Isolate (super universal release)

JAX SPECTRO : Isolate is released on the Apple AppStore and available (as super universal with one price) on iOS, iPadOS, visionOS and macOS.

JAX SPECTRO SERIES AudioUnits (AUv3) are special spectral processors, which divide the audio stream in 128 frequency bands. These bands are chromatically mapped and visualized consequently in the scale of musical semitones across the entire MIDI notes range. These tools are useful for musical analysis and processing.

JAX Isolate is able to filter the audio stream in realtime based on specialized FFT algorithms with ultra sharp slope up to a single isolated semitone. Tonal ranges can be filtered out of the audio stream (bandstop) or isolated (bandpass) this way. The tools come with a graphical 128 sliders frequency control and a tonal range selector.