Buy TWO, get ONE for free (summer special 2024)

In this summer we are making a special offer. If you buy 2 AudioUnits or apps from our collections, you can get a free lifetime promo code for a product of your choice as a gift.

( This action is time limited for months Juli / August 2024. The promo codes are generated manually and this may take up to 24 hours. Promo codes can be redeemed worldwide in the Apple AppStores. You must prove the purchase of the items with an Apple receipt, that is usually sent per email to you. Just add a line, which product you want to have for free. )

send it to

Note About Apple Silicon Compatibility

All of our latest releases (over 25 apps alone this year) are made ‚super universal‘, which is our term for describing availability on all Apple Silicon platforms, iOS / iPadOS / macOS / visionOS (iOS compatibility mode). Our audio units are tested with the Apple ‚auval‘ tool. If auval tool fails in rare cases, these are all unspecific, not reconstructable reasons inside this buggy validation tool but the units usually can be enabled explicitly, which requires Logic Pro. ( Apples auval tool is well known for generating false validation reports and doing stupid things and also mostly generating cryptic and brainless descriptions. )

2 New TestFlight Betas Uploaded

We transmitted 2 new TestFlight betas:

Both are release candidates and scheduled for release soon. These are super universal releases, available on iOS, iPadOS, macOS and the Apple Vision Pro.

There will be intro prices (9.99$) possibly with pre-orders for both items and early adopters. Final price probably will be 17,99$ and becomes active after preorder period.

We also renewed the latest public beta versions for our release candidates.

Manuals are available for JAX Dynamics Flow JAX 3Verb.

GM MIDI Player (super universal update 2.0)

GM MIDI Player was our very first iOS release. After 5 years, we updated this ancient but still excellently working piece of software for support of latest technologies and the latest Swift language. It now should perform on macOS (Apple Silicon) and Apple’s Vision Pro without any issues.

GM MIDI Player was and is completely written in Apples Swift programming language and comes with some nice features, like downloading MIDI files from zip packages. It initially was thought as an essential tool for playing MIDI files on iOS, especially iPhones, as Apple did not provide a default system player for this kind of popular audio files at all.

The price was re-adjusted. GM MIDI Player was also prepared for future enhancements. Note: It is not available as AudioUnit, so for this purpose, please take a look at our latest JAX MIDI Module&Player, which is available as standalone and AudioUnit (AUv3) package.

NEW: JAX AudioVisualizer (super universal release)

Our latest release, the JAX AudioVisualizer (AudioUnit AUv3) is FINALLY now available as super universal release (iOS, iPadOS, visionOS, macOS) on the Apple AppStore.

It was delayed for the typical unacceptable reasons that are picked up regularly by the anonymous app store review people for just showing you their master power. The users always will suffer from such. There are 2 updates now pending in the meantime, version 1.2 (which adds a file load button to the standalone app) and version 1.3. (which adds 8 more shader Metal models) and a set of new parameters. Release schedule: unknown. ^^

The manual is available too.

Apple Vision Pro Compatibility (announcement)

We are currently testing and optimizing most of our releases for compatibility with visionOS. But there is also a number of native apps for the Apple Vision Pro already released by us. These releases are not universal and exclusively available on the Apple Vision Pro AppStore.

For the Apple Vision Pro releases we created an extra website.


This is the definitive landing page for our AudioUnit (AUv3) releases – exclusively – for Apple platforms. Our new releases are available as super universal apps for iOS, iPadOS, macOS and (recently) visionOS!

You are welcome.

  • JAX ONE XModulator Extended released
  • JAX Essential Series (ES) TubeFlavour released
  • JAX Selective Range [SR] : Flanger released
  • JAX ONE Delay Extended released
  • JAX Selective Range [SR] : Phaser released
  • JAX ONE Reverb Extended released
  • JAX Selective Range [SR] : Chorus released
  • JAX ONE : Frequency Shifter Extended released
  • JAX Dynamics : Flow released
  • JAX Triple Series [TS] : 3Verb released & updated
  • JAX Triple Series [TS] : 3Stereo released & updated
  • JAX MIDI Control Pad released & updated!
  • JAX Selective Range [SR] : Reductor released & updated