GM MIDI Player (super universal update 2.0)

GM MIDI Player was our very first iOS release. After 5 years, we updated this ancient but still excellently working piece of software for support of latest technologies and the latest Swift language. It now should perform on macOS (Apple Silicon) and Apple’s Vision Pro without any issues.

GM MIDI Player was and is completely written in Apples Swift programming language and comes with some nice features, like downloading MIDI files from zip packages. It initially was thought as an essential tool for playing MIDI files on iOS, especially iPhones, as Apple did not provide a default system player for this kind of popular audio files at all.

The price was re-adjusted. GM MIDI Player was also prepared for future enhancements. Note: It is not available as AudioUnit, so for this purpose, please take a look at our latest JAX MIDI Module&Player, which is available as standalone and AudioUnit (AUv3) package.

One thought on “GM MIDI Player (super universal update 2.0)”

  1. Love your work, from the style to the technical details of your projects and philosophy- you have already much such great contributions to the iOS audio world, and allowing us to beta builds, is just a smart thing to do, I admire that stuff, a lot.

    Keep up the great work!

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