JAX MIDI Control Pad (update 2.6)

We compiled a new update for JAX MIDI Control Pad (version 2.6).
On user request a new feature was implemented, which aims to emulate popular hardware behavior with snapping back to a definable position.

Update version 2.6:

  • implemented (optional) autosnap feature for emulating popular
    mechanical hardware behavior ( user request )
  • implemented animation and controller interpolation for autosnapp
  • connected the new buttons for selecting the snapping scheme to the autosnap function
  • implemented a speed parameter for auto snapping
  • corrected the factory presets for reflecting the new parameters
  • fixed an issue, where the channel select parameter was not correctly reflected on the user interface
  • new parameters are saved with a preset
  • updated the manual to reflect latest changes

This update will be uploaded to the Apple AppStore today and scheduled for auto release after review.

One thought on “JAX MIDI Control Pad (update 2.6)”

  1. I am guessing : The next request ( after the ‘snap’ feature ) would now be the ‘jump’ feature? Then it finally would become the ‘JAX MIDI Rubber Control’ 😀

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