JAX Essential Series : Frequency Shifter (announcement)

We built a new item for our Essential Series collection. The JAX Frequency Shifter, which is a stereo effect modelled after the famous Bode Frequency shifter ( was an analog mono effect for modular environments ).

A first frequency shifter for iOS is available since years with the release of our JAF Collection. This one here is real stereo and has the ability to separate lower and upper frequency parts with the ‘balance’ slider.

We will release more Essential Series effects soon. Including one of our best algorithmic reverberators.

JAX Essential Series (super universal updates)

We updated all 3 currently available items in our Essential Series :

update version 1.8 (3080)

  • added new required privacy properties (for file management)
  • exchanged demo sounds
  • added new manual
  • a problem was fixed, which prevented proper file naming for user presets
  • a problem was fixed, where a preset did not restore the saved display contrast
  • the display contrast feature now can be automated
  • price structure for the JAX Essential Series readjusted
  • many new essential audio effects are scheduled for release to complete the JAX ESSENTIALS Series suite :
  • JAX Reverb, JAX Delay, JAX Limiter, JAX Colorizer
  • the entire series was prepared for a future user interface update (version 2)

The items are shipped to the AppStore for review and will be scheduled for release after approval.

Note: JAX Essential Series and JAX Selective Range Series use completely different models for the modiulation effects ‘Chorus’, ‘Flanger’ and ‘Phaser’.