JAX Essential Series : Continuation

The JAX Essential Series will get completed with 4 additional essential audio units. After AppStore review these items will be available for download on our beta test page.

  • JAX De/Saturator : This very special effect has one bi-directional main parameter, which is able to de-saturate or saturate any waveform. It also has an impact to the loudness perception.
  • JAX Tube Flavour : Will add some gentle analog warmth to the audio stream with adjustable flavour.
  • JAX Comb Filter : The classic ultra short and tune-able delay effect with several different modi to choose.
  • JAX Ring Modulator : The classic cross modulation effect with integrated oscillators and different waveforms for selection.
  • JAX Static Phaser : A multi stage phaser, which does not continuously move with an LFO like usually but is freely adjustable and parameter-modulate-able.

JAX Essential Series have the following key features :

  • ultra efficient with low memory footprint, made for stacking up
  • fully scalable to any screen size, based on vector drawing
  • freely MIDI assignable parameters and control
  • all effects can be mixed to the audio with any amount
  • inbuilt preset management and factory sets
  • upwards compatible with older devices and iOS versions
  • available on all Apple Silicon platforms, iOS, iPadOS, macOS and visionOS with one release and price

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