JAX Triple Series : 3Stereo (super universal release & update)

JAX 3Stereo (3.6) was released on the Apple appStore today. An update (version 3.7 was appended too). 3Stereo is the successor and (replacement?) of our popular JAX StereoTool and adds triple band processing.

JAX 3Stereo is the evolution of our legacy JAX StereoTool, one of the very first iOS releases we ever made. It extends the essential functions for stereo analysis and processing for usage on an analog style triple band-split. The old all-pass mode is still available and so it aims to replace this existing legacy release.

JAX 3Stereo is super universal, thus being available on iOS, iPadOS, visionOS and macOS now.

Existing customers of the purchased version of the JAX StereoTool 1/2 are entitled for a free upgrade via promotion code. Please contact us via email.

( JAX StereoTool was originally free, customers of the purchased versions can provide the AppStore receipt for getting a free promo code for JAX 3Stereo. )