This is the definitive landing page for our AudioUnit (AUv3) releases – exclusively – for Apple platforms. Our new releases are available as super universal apps for iOS, iPadOS, macOS and (recently) visionOS!

You are welcome.

  • JAX ONE XModulator Extended released
  • JAX Essential Series (ES) TubeFlavour released
  • JAX Selective Range [SR] : Flanger released
  • JAX ONE Delay Extended released
  • JAX Selective Range [SR] : Phaser released
  • JAX ONE Reverb Extended released
  • JAX Selective Range [SR] : Chorus released
  • JAX ONE : Frequency Shifter Extended released
  • JAX Dynamics : Flow released
  • JAX Triple Series [TS] : 3Verb released & updated
  • JAX Triple Series [TS] : 3Stereo released & updated
  • JAX MIDI Control Pad released & updated!
  • JAX Selective Range [SR] : Reductor released & updated