Extending JAX Essential Series (scheduled super universal releases)

We are extending our Essential Series with 4 new sophisticated items.

JAX Essential Series are for efficiency. Rather than using memory heavy UI toolkits, the interfaces are freely scalable vector drawing parametric editors, which use low memory footprint. The audio effects are of top notch quality, have unified parameters and everything can be assigned directly to MIDI controllers ( MIDI enabled audio effects – aumf ).

JAX Essential Series have the following key features :

  • ultra efficient with low memory footprint, made for stacking up
  • fully scalable to any screen size, based on vector drawing
  • freely MIDI assignable parameters and control
  • inbuilt preset management and factory sets
  • upwards compatible with older devices and iOS versions
  • available on all Apple Silicon platforms, iOS, iPadOS, macOS and visionOS with one release and price

If you are looking for more luxurious audio units, we prepared many new releases for our JAX ONE Series, superior audio units (3D, analog modelled) and the unique JAX SR (selective frequency range) series, with selected audio effects and extended functions.

The brand new items in the Essential Series scheduled are :

  • JAX Reverb, our answer to these numerous reverberation effects out there, our finest reverb with ultra long and lush dimension and freeze
  • JAX Delay, the flexible stereo delay with efficient sound control, which also can create ultra short comb filter alike effects or metallic spaces
  • JAX Squasher, our state of the art, ultra easy loudness squasher without latency
  • JAX Shaper, the multi mode wave shaping and saturation / drive effect for adding flavor, excitement and loudness perception

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