JAX Essential Series (super universal updates)

We updated all 3 currently available items in our Essential Series :

update version 1.8 (3080)

  • added new required privacy properties (for file management)
  • exchanged demo sounds
  • added new manual
  • a problem was fixed, which prevented proper file naming for user presets
  • a problem was fixed, where a preset did not restore the saved display contrast
  • the display contrast feature now can be automated
  • price structure for the JAX Essential Series readjusted
  • many new essential audio effects are scheduled for release to complete the JAX ESSENTIALS Series suite :
  • JAX Reverb, JAX Delay, JAX Limiter, JAX Colorizer
  • the entire series was prepared for a future user interface update (version 2)

The items are shipped to the AppStore for review and will be scheduled for release after approval.

Note: JAX Essential Series and JAX Selective Range Series use completely different models for the modiulation effects ‘Chorus’, ‘Flanger’ and ‘Phaser’.

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