JAX Selective Range : Chorus (super universal release)

The JAX Selective Range (SR) series feature band limited frequency range audio processors of all sorts. While such approach can be achieved with complex and resource intensive bus routing, our effects are easy and intuitively usable out of the box.

Especially modulation effects will profit from a limited frequency range processing, because the final sound would not be altered in its entirety but applied only to the selected frequency range. These effects are also applicable to post processing and mastering purposes therefore.

Everything can be automated with assignable MIDI controllers. The selected frequency range is not static, it can be dynamically moved and automated.

‘Super Universal Release’ is our term for describing availability on all Apple Silicon platforms, macOS, visionOS, iOS (iPhone) and iPadOS.

Two more modulation effects for the SR [ Selective Range ] collection are released in month June 2024. This are JAX SR : Phaser and JAX SR : Flanger. The collection will be completed successively with more effects in the near future.

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