Update 2.02 for JAX ONE Frequency Shifter (released)

An update for our first JAX ONE release was submitted. We applied several significant changes.

Update version 2.02

  • we corrected the logarithmic scaling (default), because it was actually scaled linearly and equal to mode 3 (‘linear’).
    please note that the new scaling in default mode does drastically alter the modulation results.
  • a shift reset problem was corrected.
    some host apps call a reset when temporary bypassing the effect. this way the value was reset to zero.
  • we corrected a problem (popping) with signal discontinuity due to separated stereo delay processors for up- and down-shift.
    note: there still may be a minor click when crossing the zero position with the shift parameter, this lies in nature of things and we are looking for a possible solution. the Bode shifter therefore is uni-directional in some scaling modi, not consequently bi-directional like our frequency shifter is.
  • a minor change was made for the location for the factory presets
  • we extended the manual for using contrast and zoom controls with the 3D user interface

Many users obviously mismatch pitch shifting with frequency shifting. But this are completely different approaches, please read the documentation. Frequency shifters can produce great sonic results, especially with drums, basses and pad sounds, sounds that are not even possible with pitch shifting. we recomnmend to do some research and watching some of the many youtube videos about the classic Bode frequency shifter and its usage’.

Please note, that we have scheduled 2 new sophisticated JAX ONE items in (this) month June. The introduction and preorder prices will raise to the final shortly after release. The current public betas for testing will regularly time out after max. 90 days.

Next to our JAX ONE releases a complete series of JAX [Selective Range] is finally scheduled for successive release. Our concept for using an interactive touch based selective frequency range processing is quite unique and should not be ignored.

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