JAX ONE Reverb & JAX ONE Delay (super universal releases)

We added two items for our new JAX ONE Series, the JAX ONE Delay and JAX ONE Reverb to the AppStore review. These two items were available for pre-order this month (June 2024) and are now at final price. Our releases are super universal, available on all Apple Silicon devices, including the Mac, so the price is more than fair and not really comparable with the average iOS releases.

12,99 USD (pre-order) , 24,99 USD (final price)

Super Universal.
Available on all Apple Silicon with ONE Price.

More items in the JAX One series are in preparation. JAX One XModulator and JAX J(M)AX are scheduled for release in Juli 2024. Do not miss the preorders once again ! Take a look at our current enchilada of TestFlight releases too …

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