JAX MIDI : Control Pad (super universal release)

Some of our discontinued items from the legacy MIDI SWEET Series will get an upgrade for supporting super universal releases in our JAX MIDI Series now. MIDI SWEET series is completely discontinued.

JAX MIDI Control Pad, a super universal release (iOS, iPadOS macOS, visionOS), is available as ‘aumu’ AudioUnit (AUv3) app extension and loadable by host apps, which support instrument audio units and routing MIDI events.

JAX MIDI Control Pad is a visual XY control pad, specifically designed for touch screens and allows to configure and generate up to 2 MIDI controller values (at ones) based on finger movement. It can be connected to all MIDI controller receiving mechanisms, that support it, including external MIDI devices.

This video demonstrates a more or less complex MIDI routing setup, where a MIDI Monitor and a synthesizer is connected for touch input of realtime MIDI controllers from JAX MIDI Control Pad. (The MIDI monitor is merely for demonstration purposes to visualize the stream.) The MIDI stream for controller movement is generated by JAX MIDI Control Pad and forwarded to the MIDI monitor. The monitor passes then thru everything, also note events from the keyboard and the generated MIDI controllers from the JAX to the synth. Controllers can be assigned and also particularly switched off. The setup and the values are saved with a preset, if the host supports saving user presets.

JAX Selective Range (SR) : Reductor (super universal release)

We want to announce the successor of our (discontinued) JAX Decimator : the JAX Selective Range [SR] Reductor. Super universal releases are available on iOS, iPadOS, visionOS and macOS (Apple Silicon).

Our selective range series audio processors apply effects to a selected frequency range, which gives much greater and more professional possibilities for creative sound manipulation.

JAX [SR] Reductor delivers parametric rate and bit reduction and a bi-directional resonance filter, which can excite the sound and add some decent character to all kind of audio and even entire mixes. It also can invert, boost and pan the selected frequency range.

The SR effects are like an entire new philosophy and a new way to extend classic effects for modern sound productions without the necessity for creating complicated multi-band mixing bus setups. All parameters feature assignable MIDI control.

Existing customers of our legacy JAX Decimator (purchased version) are entitled for getting a free promo code for the purchased app of the new JAX [SR] Reductor. Please contact us.

JAX Spectro : Isolate (super universal release)

JAX SPECTRO : Isolate is released on the Apple AppStore and available (as super universal with one price) on iOS, iPadOS, visionOS and macOS.

JAX SPECTRO SERIES AudioUnits (AUv3) are special spectral processors, which divide the audio stream in 128 frequency bands. These bands are chromatically mapped and visualized consequently in the scale of musical semitones across the entire MIDI notes range. These tools are useful for musical analysis and processing.

JAX Isolate is able to filter the audio stream in realtime based on specialized FFT algorithms with ultra sharp slope up to a single isolated semitone. Tonal ranges can be filtered out of the audio stream (bandstop) or isolated (bandpass) this way. The tools come with a graphical 128 sliders frequency control and a tonal range selector.