JAX MIDI : Control Pad (super universal release)

Some of our discontinued items from the legacy MIDI SWEET Series will get an upgrade for supporting super universal releases in our JAX MIDI Series now. MIDI SWEET series is completely discontinued.

JAX MIDI Control Pad, a super universal release (iOS, iPadOS macOS, visionOS), is available as ‘aumu’ AudioUnit (AUv3) app extension and loadable by host apps, which support instrument audio units and routing MIDI events.

JAX MIDI Control Pad is a visual XY control pad, specifically designed for touch screens and allows to configure and generate up to 2 MIDI controller values (at ones) based on finger movement. It can be connected to all MIDI controller receiving mechanisms, that support it, including external MIDI devices.

This video demonstrates a more or less complex MIDI routing setup, where a MIDI Monitor and a synthesizer is connected for touch input of realtime MIDI controllers from JAX MIDI Control Pad. (The MIDI monitor is merely for demonstration purposes to visualize the stream.) The MIDI stream for controller movement is generated by JAX MIDI Control Pad and forwarded to the MIDI monitor. The monitor passes then thru everything, also note events from the keyboard and the generated MIDI controllers from the JAX to the synth. Controllers can be assigned and also particularly switched off. The setup and the values are saved with a preset, if the host supports saving user presets.

3 thoughts on “JAX MIDI : Control Pad (super universal release)”

  1. What is with Channel Aftertouch?

    JAX MIDI Control Pad currently sends only MIDI controllers. None of the other MIDI channel messages are supported.

    I thought about that today, so the next update probably will implement CCO 128, which of course is out of valid range for a controller, but could be mapped to Channel Aftertouch.

    Note: There is also Polyphonic Aftertouch. It is fundamentally different to Channel Aftertouch. Polyphonic Aftertouch is per open MIDI note and so only valid for a pressed key. So this kind does not make any sense with an YX Pad. It is rather thought for keyboard manufacturers.

    And sending MIDI note events with an XY Pad, I actually would see somewhat problematic.

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