JAX Selective Range (SR) : Reductor (super universal release)

We want to announce the successor of our (discontinued) JAX Decimator : the JAX Selective Range [SR] Reductor. Super universal releases are available on iOS, iPadOS, visionOS and macOS (Apple Silicon).

Our selective range series audio processors apply effects to a selected frequency range, which gives much greater and more professional possibilities for creative sound manipulation.

JAX [SR] Reductor delivers parametric rate and bit reduction and a bi-directional resonance filter, which can excite the sound and add some decent character to all kind of audio and even entire mixes. It also can invert, boost and pan the selected frequency range.

The SR effects are like an entire new philosophy and a new way to extend classic effects for modern sound productions without the necessity for creating complicated multi-band mixing bus setups. All parameters feature assignable MIDI control.

Existing customers of our legacy JAX Decimator (purchased version) are entitled for getting a free promo code for the purchased app of the new JAX [SR] Reductor. Please contact us.

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