Free macOS Apps

From time to time and especially with or Laboratory Series we are publishing free macOS apps here. Our apps are all notarized by Apple, sandboxed and checked by Apple for security issues. Our Apps are distributed as *.dmg (Apple disk image) files.

NOTE: It is als recommended to take a look into our JAX Laboratory, which has released loads of audio units (AUv3) for the Mac.

Vision Virtual Displays is an app for macOS, which allows to create up to 4 temporary virtual displays, that can be used with our Vision Teleport for the Apple Vision Pro. Such virtual displays are hidden by default and can be used with Apples Remote Desktop and (any) screen sharing via VNC protocol. Please note, that the VNC client must support multiple displays (Apple does that by default).

This app is a universal release (Intel/Apple Silicon).

  • JAX Soundfont Exporter (download) needs update

The JAX Soundfont Exporter is a macOS app and will export all wave files from a CreativeLabs / EMU soundfont (*.sf2) file to a location on your disk. It additionally is able to dump out the preset list of the soundfont in text format.

This app is a universal release (Intel/Apple Silicon).

  • JAX EXS File Locator (download) needs update

The JAX EXS File Locator is a macOS app and will list all linked sound files from an Apple proprietary *.exs file (which is an Apple Sampler file for Logic Pro X) and also provides a way of correcting the path inside such files. It additionally allows to export such files as *.aupreset files for usage with the Apple AUSampler.

This app is a universal release (Intel/Apple Silicon).

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