Note About Apple Silicon Compatibility

All of our latest releases (over 25 apps alone this year) are made ‚super universal‘, which is our term for describing availability on all Apple Silicon platforms, iOS / iPadOS / macOS / visionOS (iOS compatibility mode). Our audio units are tested with the Apple ‚auval‘ tool. If auval tool fails in rare cases, these are all unspecific, not reconstructable reasons inside this buggy validation tool but the units usually can be enabled explicitly, which requires Logic Pro. ( Apples auval tool is well known for generating false validation reports and doing stupid things and also mostly generating cryptic and brainless descriptions. )

Extending JAX Essential Series (scheduled super universal releases)

We are extending our Essential Series with 4 new sophisticated items.

JAX Essential Series are for efficiency. Rather than using memory heavy UI toolkits, the interfaces are freely scalable vector drawing parametric editors, which use low memory footprint. The audio effects are of top notch quality, have unified parameters and everything can be assigned directly to MIDI controllers ( MIDI enabled audio effects – aumf ).

JAX Essential Series have the following key features :

  • ultra efficient with low memory footprint, made for stacking up
  • fully scalable to any screen size, based on vector drawing
  • freely MIDI assignable parameters and control
  • inbuilt preset management and factory sets
  • upwards compatible with older devices and iOS versions
  • available on all Apple Silicon platforms, iOS, iPadOS, macOS and visionOS with one release and price

If you are looking for more luxurious audio units, we prepared many new releases for our JAX ONE Series, superior audio units (3D, analog modelled) and the unique JAX SR (selective frequency range) series, with selected audio effects and extended functions.

The brand new items in the Essential Series scheduled are :

  • JAX Reverb, our answer to these numerous reverberation effects out there, our finest reverb with ultra long and lush dimension and freeze
  • JAX Delay, the flexible stereo delay with efficient sound control, which also can create ultra short comb filter alike effects or metallic spaces
  • JAX Squasher, our state of the art, ultra easy loudness squasher without latency
  • JAX Shaper, the multi mode wave shaping and saturation / drive effect for adding flavor, excitement and loudness perception

JAX ONE Series are using real 3D environments (pre-order release out)

We implemented zoom, movement and realtime lighting in our new series JAX ONE.

Therefore a new beta is in preparation and will be published soon available. Please note that our beta versions are subject of closing public access after a certain product introduction period.

The app was released in the Apple Appstore now for pre-order.

( The length of these introduction periods are sales dependent. If there is no ‘user support’, the prices usually will raise and/or the products may become discontinued. Sorry to say that, but we are not that kind ‘price drop bitches’ of developers. We deliver quality and continued service. If you are a price drop junky from the audiobus forum, waiting for the next giant monthly price drop, please search for other suppliers, because this won’t happen with us. ^^ )

JAX Triple Series : 3Verb (update 4.1)

We just uploaded the latest update for restoring parameters on load.

update 4.1

  • A problem with restoring parameters on load with some hosts was finally! solved. We implemented a double mechanism now for ensuring parameter restore upon unit load.
  • We corrected the appstore descriptions.
    Mac Catalyst versions (Intel) are no longer supported across our entire collection. Our plugins will support all modern Apple Silicon devices and platforms as long this is possible.

Special Message:

  • ❤️ We want to send BIG THANKS to all our supporting customers and fans. ( Even if this time is very hard for us keeping alive due to some so-called ‘communities’ and individuals actively and publicly ignoring, boycotting and continuing promoting damage where they even can. )

Thank you very much for using our software and actively supporting us!
We very much hope you will enjoy our work. And there is (much) more and exciting! to come.