3 thoughts on “JAX Mastering : MBC Pro (super universal release) – public beta”

  1. I discovered, that the scaling for the frequency and also the touch response for the split point adjustors is anyhow wrong. This will be changed with next update.

  2. I am also thinking, the compander model does not work very well here. Possibly I will exchange this with compressors or limiters. A multiband gate also would be a nice idea to try…

    I want something that is fundamentally different to these available multi-band compressors out there now. Something like the JAX Dynamics Flow, which was surprising as a first prototype. There the compander model is working quite well.

  3. I corrected some initialization issues and re-adjusted the frequency bands. Also the loudness was adjusted.
    This should be much better now.

    1. Switch the macro button on and increase the input gain (on all companders uniformly) for quick improvement of presence.
    The macro also can be used for adjusting all bands (the MIX knob) with parallel compression.
    2. From this you may go further and make specific refinements for each single frequency band.

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