JAX AudioVisualizer (public beta)

The public TestFlight beta of JAX AudioVisualizer was released today and is available here.

A first manual is available too.

LATEST NEWS: The app (version 1.1) is not officially released yet to the app store, but we actually have the first expansion pack with 8 new shaders in preparation.

The JAX AudioVisualizer will receive expansion packs and function updates regularly, which are free for all early adopters.

Version 1.1 is scheduled for automatic release to the Apple AppStore since days. Version 1.2 added support for loading user files and version 1.3 will add 8 new Metal shaders. Both update versions are ready for shipping too but Apple delayed the release (as usually) due to rejections for minor and/or unacceptable reasons (they do for instance not understand what the app does and how an audio unit is supposed to work).

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