JAX TX/RX AudioServer (discontinued)

The JAX TX/RX were server (TCP server) based AudioUnits (AUv3), which needed extraordinary amount of work and research, allowed nearly latency free transmission of audio and MIDI over the local network and across devices. Although, there was no interest in our products at all that time, so the project was discontinued.

( This is an example of how much a single developer or small team can become lost with projects, measured in time and measured in money. The popular AudioUnit community is ignorant, aggressive, actively destroying and extremely demanding but not really willing paying any money on the other side. They are extremely good in destroying small businesses, individual developers, even on an *existential level* by just talking shit and even constructing catastrophic damage with lies. Counting to all the stress with Apple reviewing process such projects finally often will get discontinued. )

Sending audio and MIDI from one app to another via local TCP server.

Sender (TX) and Receiver (RX) component for Audio and MIDI streams in realtime with delay compensation.


However, most of our discontinued products go into an evolutionary process and become new apps and concepts. The core of these discontinued TX/RX audio units inspired us for a completely new project on the Apple Vision Pro. The Vision Teleport app, where multiple Mac displays can be teleported to the Vision Pro’s spatial workspace. This overcomes Apples limitations for their own Virtual Desktop app.